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A proposed class proceeding has been filed on behalf of Canadian residents (outside Québec) who downloaded the Tim Hortons or Burger King mobile apps.

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Restaurant Brands International and Radar Labs Inc.

A proposed class action has been brought on behalf of all persons resident in Canada, outside of the Province of Québec, who downloaded, accessed or had already loaded one or more of the Restaurant Brands International (“RBI”) apps onto their mobile device on or after February 1, 2019 to the present.

The RBI apps include the Tim Hortons app and the Burger King app.

The action alleges that RBI, with the assistance of its third-party service provider Radar Labs Inc., surreptitiously and pervasively collected personal information of RBI app users, including around-the-clock geolocation information and device information enabling RBI to determine intimate and personal details of users’ lives over which users have a reasonable expectation of privacy. The defendants did this under the pretext of marketing convenient access to coffee and fast food. The action alleges that RBI collected this information in breach of its own privacy policy, in violation of provincial consumer protection legislation, and that RBI and Radar Labs Inc’s actions amount to intrusion upon seclusion.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A class action is a lawsuit which provides a mechanism for a large group of people with common claims/issues to join together to advance one large claim.

Class actions provide access to justice where the case would be too expensive or too complex for one person to sue on his or her own.

Any Tim Hortons or Burger King app that was downloaded, used or loaded on a phone on or after February 1, 2019.

Any resident of Canada (outside of Quebec) that downloaded or used the Tim Hortons or Burger King app on or after February 1, 2019, or had one of the apps loaded onto their phone.

No. The action has not yet been certified by the court. If it is certified, a person who fits within the court's definition of the class is automatically included in the class action unless he or she follows the court’s instructions on how to be excluded.

No. Any fees paid for representing the class are determined by the court and no individual class member is responsible for paying counsel.

  • If you have downloaded the app and have a record of the download, maintain that record. If you are able to record the specific version(s) of the app that you downloaded or have loaded on your phone, record that information.
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